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We are the leading user generated content agency in India and the go-to spot for all your video needs. When it comes to UGC video production, we're the cream of the crop.

  • turn your brand into a UGC sensation

  • boosting your brand’s voice

  • boosting your sales.

  • supercharge customer connections

Our UGC agency specialises in delivering prompt, efficient, and tailor-made creative content to meet your brand's specific requirements. Reach out to our UGC experts today and let's get those creative juices flowing!

We Typically Craft the Following Categories of User Generated Video Content.

  • Testimonial Videos

    Share real-life experiences and feedback from satisfied customers who endorse your products or services.

  • Unboxing Videos

    Provide a visual walkthrough of the excitement and curiosity that surrounds the unveiling of your products as they are unboxed for the first time.

  • Product Explainer

    Offer comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanations of your products, highlighting their features, benefits, and how they can solve customers' needs.

  • Trending Reels

    Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and create engaging short videos that resonate with current pop culture and online discussions.

  • Videos For YouTube Channel

    Produce content specifically tailored for your YouTube channel to engage your audience, build brand awareness, and share valuable information.

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Why Should You Choose Our User Generated Content Agency?

  • Boost Your Social Game

    Our UGC magic takes your brand’s online vibes to the next level. Think bigger reach and way more engagement across all the cool platforms with our user generated content videos.

  • Craft Killer Video Ads

    We turn UGC video gold into ad campaign dynamite. Our user generated video content is all about that realness, connecting with your audience, and levelling up your brand.

  • Game-Changing How-To Videos

    We make complex stuff look like a breeze with step-by-step guides that empower your users with the right knowledge.

  • E-Commerce Swagger

    Level up your game in the crowded e-commerce landscape with our UGC video strategies. We are all about making your products stand out and getting people to take action.

  • Impressive Product Videos

    Our UGC agency specialises in creating eye-catching UGC videos that make your products look like the hottest thing around. Our product explainer videos simplify complex topics to help consumers understand the unique benefits your product offers.

  • Website Wow Factor

    Boost your website’s coolness factor by adding user generated videos strategically. It’s like adding extra sauce to your content and getting visitors to stick around longer.

  • Boost That Personal Touch

    Our user generated content agency is all about making your brand feel like it’s tailor-made for every user. 

Frequent Asked Questions

  • What Is User-Generated Content?

    User-generated content or UGC, refers to unique and brand-specific material crafted by consumers and shared on social platforms or elsewhere. This content encompasses various formats like images, UGC video content, reviews, testimonials, and even podcasts.

  • Is User-Generated Content Free?

    User-generated content provides free marketing through customer posts. It offers valuable publicity for your brand without any associated costs.

  • How Crucial Is User-Generated Content?

    User-generated content is crucial as consumers trust it more than brand-generated content. It has the potential to drive higher engagement and increase your followers.

  • Is User-Generated Content Effective?

    User-generated content created by ugc video agencies is undeniably effective. It elevates authenticity, drives engagement, and helps boost conversions. Its compelling nature makes it a cornerstone of effective content strategies.

  • What Kinds Of User-Generated Content Are There?

    UGC companies generally create four types of user generated content–social media, product reviews, forums, and guest posts.

  • What Does UGC-Style Content Entail?

    UGC-style content created by the top UGC video agencies generally consist of user-generated written reviews, photos, videos, and audio shared by customers, followers, ambassadors, or employees on social and digital platforms. Such content reflects diverse perspectives and authentic experiences.

  • What forms of UGC content do UGC video agencies provide?

    The best UGC agencies in India offer Testimonial Videos, Unboxing Videos, Product Explainers, Trending Reels, and YouTube channel content creation services.

  • Can User-Generated Content Be Used For Advertising?

    Yes, brands can utilise user-generated content for advertising to connect with new audiences, drive user engagement, and portray their offerings in a genuine and relatable manner.

  • How Does User-Generated Content Look Like?

    User-generated content (UGC) offered by the top UGC video agencies take on various formats, such as videos, images, reviews, testimonials, or even podcasts.

  • What Does User-Generated Content Mean For Education?

    User-generated content in education refers to educational materials, discussions, and resources created by students or learners themselves for encouraging collaboration, creativity, and peer-to-peer learning.

Why a UGC agency is important for you.

We are the best UGC agency in India, dedicated to simplifying your journey by producing data-driven user-generated content customised to enhance your brand’s visibility and elevate your sales figures. We whip up mind-blowing customised UGC videos that’s not just super relevant and enlightening but also motivating, engaging, and ultra-informative. 

We are the go-to UGC video gurus, armed with a bulletproof strategy that guarantees results. Our ugc user-generated content agency brings you top-tier content, slick trend analysis, and outstanding marketing plans, tailored for the hottest social media platforms. Our targeted, well-researched, innovative, affordable, and custom-made UGC Videos connect seamlessly with your audience, engaging them at every stage of the conversion process. And we don’t stop there – we encourage customer participation to build an authentic relationship with your brand. Plus, our content management system makes tracking and evaluating User-Generated Video Content a breeze.

How Our UGC Content Agency Can Help Your Brand? 

Our UGC Agency harnesses the power of user-generated videos and content to drive your success. We dive deep into your industry, snoop on competitors, and pinpoint the gaps where your brand can shine. We are all about breaking through the social noise and grabbing your target audience’s attention, turning them into lifelong fans. We make it a breeze for you to put your customers first by managing UGC requests, collecting epic content, and sharing it like wildfire. Whether it’s product testimonials, unboxing adventures, or candid reviews, we have got a UGC arsenal ready for any platform. If you are hungry for massive growth and want to team up with the ultimate user generated content agency, follow the steps below and gear up to witness your brand shine!

How does Our Customised UGC Video Level up Your Social Presence?

Our UGC agency enhances your social presence in the following ways:

  1. Boosting your follower count

   – Watch your fanbase grow as we work our magic.

  1. Expanding your digital reach

   – Our team extends your online footprint beyond the ordinary.

  1. Amping up your brand game

   – Our UGC marketing agency helps you get your brand noticed and remembered.

  1. Attracting more visitors

   -We drive more traffic to your website and rack up those page views.

  1. Elevating your social media metrics

   – We turn your posts into viral sensations by generating more likes, shares, comments, and retweets.

OTT is your trusted UGC marketing agency. We believe in celebrating the unique stories behind every brand. Our mission is to enable the development of User-Generated Content that not only promotes your brand but also authentically embodies its very essence. The result? Content that strikes a chord with your peeps, touching the core of their emotions.

Join us on an exciting journey with our ugc user generated content agency as we set out to redefine the art of storytelling. Together, we will craft UGC masterpieces that enhance your brand’s message and establish lasting connections with your target audience.

Is User-Generated Content Expensive?

No,  user generated content is a cost-effective way of promoting your brand.

What is UGC ?

UGC, or User Generated Content, refers to the content produced by individuals on social media, reflecting their personal experiences and perspectives.

What are the different UGC formats ?

User-generated content (UGC), also called user-created content, encompasses text, images, videos, testimonials, and audio shared by users on platforms like social media, forums, and wikis.

Why use a UGC agency ?

You must consider hiring a UGC video company as it can create tailored campaigns that cater to specific demographics, interests, and preferred social platforms, besides maximising engagement and impact.

Is UGC more effective than traditional advertising?

Yes, UGC content is more effective than conventional advertising because it leverages authenticity and trust, besides engaging customers through peer recommendations. It also builds stronger brand connections besides driving higher conversion rates.

How are the creators chosen in UGC agencies ?

 UGC video agencies choose creators based on their popularity, content quality, creativity, and relevance to the agency’s brand or campaign objectives. 

How long does it take to produce a UGC video?

Production time for UGC videos varies widely, from minutes for a quick clip to hours or days for complex projects.


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