Why Meme Marketing

Memes are incredibly versatile, seamlessly applicable to any business and instantly connect you with a global audience. As long as they align with your objectives and resonate with your brand, embracing meme marketing can significantly elevate your storytelling.

  • Users

    About 470.1 million active social media users in India monthly throughout 2022 spending about 2.6 hours on social media.

  • Universal Appeal

    Biggest perks of meme marketing is its universal appeal thus ensuring higher reach than any other content format

  • High Recall

    Comments, likes, shares and brand recall are the biggest perks of meme marketing.

  • Relatability

    Makes the brand seem more relatable and approachable and help to build a strong rapport with the target audience.

  • Organic Engagement

    Memes have about ten times more reach with 60% per cent organic engagement than regular marketing graphics

Why Should You Choose OTT for Your Meme Campaigns?

We as the best meme marketing company in India create relatable, fun memes for promoting your products and services. Our creative team is expert in creating memes that connect with your business offerings and target audience.

Get ready to slay your meme game with us.

  • Unbeatable Price Guaranteed

    Unmatched pricing advantages for large-scale meme marketing initiatives

  • Find Top Meme Pages

    Discover meme pages tailored to your campaign

  • Maximise ROI

    We specialize in contextual, relatable & conversion-focused memes

  • Engage, Convert, Thrive

    Our content strategy rides on your USP & meme game

  • Successful Campaign Execution

    Our meme marketing services are designed keeping your success in mind

  • Insightful Analytics

    We also analyze data and provide recommendations for scaling your business

OTT+ Head Turning Memes

Your Brand's Ticket to Internet Fame

Memes are total game-changers in the social media scene, and we make sure you rock them like a boss.

  • As the best Meme Making Company in India, we are your go-to source for epic memes, covering everything from movies, serials, and OTT to sports.

  • We create dedicated, niche-specific pages in healthcare, skincare, EdTech, HealthTech to deliver valuable content to a loyal, targeted audience.

  • We dive into the latest market trends that totally vibe with your brand or campaign storyline. We keep it fresh, so you stand out in the game.

Our Success Stories Make us the Best Meme Marketing Company in India

Frequent Asked Questions

  • How will meme marketing help our brand grow?

    Meme marketing leverages the power of humorous images or videos to cleverly promote brands, products, or services. This approach, when merged with digital advertising tools like social media and email campaigns, establishes a genuine and relatable connection with the audience. By doing so, it enhances brand recognition and makes messages viral.

  • Which brands can use meme marketing?

    Many forward-thinking companies seeking brand growth through social networking are embracing memes as a powerful marketing tool. Notable successes in meme marketing include Zomato, Netflix’s, Pepsi, Amul, and others. These brands have effectively harnessed the humour and relatability of memes to engage and connect with their target audiences, enhancing their brand presence in the digital landscape.

  • What if we want alterations in the meme content?

    The top meme marketing agencies in India focus on preserving your brand’s unique tonality. To ensure that the content they create aligns with your brand identity, they seek your approval before commencing meme creation. This approach guarantees that the content meets your standards and complements your brand’s voice and message.

  • Which is the best meme marketing agency in India?

    OTT is one of the top meme marketing agencies in India. We create witty and humorous memes to help your brand stay relevant in today’s competitive market.

  • How do you do memes marketing for your company?

    The best meme marketing India agencies first identify relevant and trending memes and craft relatable content so as to share it on social media platforms. Meme marketers must make sure that the memes align with their brand identity and resonate with their target audience. Furthermore, regularly monitoring meme trends and engaging with the audience’s responses is essential for implementing successful meme influencer campaigns.

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